Sunday, July 5, 2009

Qualifications and my love/hate relationship with 'study'.

I left school at 15 with no qualifications. Fortune endowed me with a cheerful personality, a love of hard work and many artistic skills. I won jobs that were both interesting and challenging. My ambition was simply to find the love of my life, make enough money to be 'a dedicated follower of fashion' and go dancing every weekend. This I did!

I married the love of my life, he was the bread winner while I was CEO of the family.

It was when our children left home and the love of my life damaged his back that I decided to 'retrain' and get some qualifications, which, by this time were needed to get a decent job.

Diploma in Applied Arts (Theatre)
Three years, full time doing what I loved. This was a dream come true. The course taught acting and directing techniques as well as skills in production, lighting and sound. History of the theatre along with a study of playwrights and their works comprised the academic facet of this course. I swanned through it and enjoyed every moment. This course was to change my life, as I discovered (to my amazement) that I enjoyed and achieved good results through academic study.

Bachelor of Arts (English)
Another three years full time. I discovered... more to come on this topic

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today I'm a children's Services Librarian. Before that I created lead light windows in a loft overlooking paradise. Before that I was a very antisocial student as I studied for a BA degree and a Diploma in Library Studies (often hidden from friends and family in a derelict van beside a stream). Before that I was administrator for Northland Youth Theatre working with inspirational teens and young adults in a professional theatre environment. Before that I spent three years at Drama School. In my spare time I worked alongside my husband in an attempt to achieve self sufficiency. Before that I was a Jill of all trades working part time or contracting in anything that would bring in a bit of cash; graphic art, sales, cleaning, gardening and orchard work. Before that I joined Whangarei Theatre and founded the 'Midstagers' a  splinter group for teens. Meanwhile my friend and I created ' Pied Piper' drama and craft workshops for young children. Before that I lived in Australia with my husband and two little boys. I worked at the local school as a teacher aide teaching singing, drama and crafts. During that time I was in the Scout movement programming weekly meetings, camps and Gang Shows for children from 8 to 18. Before that I was a young bride in England, along with my husband trying to earn a quid. I worked in two famous London departmental stores, in one I was cashier/bookkeeper and in the other I was clerk of the ladies underwear department. Incidentally, during this time I met lots of celebrities and some royalty (very exciting at my young age). Also during that time I raged to The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Who... to name but a few. Before that I was a kid and that's another story.