Monday, August 24, 2009

National Forum on Public Libraries and Diversity in Welling

Here I am in 'not so windy' Wellington, the weather has been sunny and warm since I arrived. The Forum was brilliant on lots of levels. The speakers Hajar Ali, Samson Sahele, Abubaka Mohammed and Shamim Homayun, who spoke about their book, 'Earthless Trees' shocked the senses with snippets of their life stories. If you want to know more buy their book and have an awesome read.

After that Gunhild Litwin, spoke of her initiative, 'First Voices'. This is a must for me to run at Whangarei. I'll give it a post of its own when I return.

The forum was packed with exciting information and I had much to contribute. My 'Bilingual Funtimes' project attracted much interest. I could probably have been a speaker on this topic. I've made lots of contacts with various people.

Look out for more posts on these topics.


  1. Glad Wellington put on a good show in more ways than one. The Earthless Trees sounds good.

  2. You would so enjoy this book Debbie. I'm sure Vicki will have bought it for the collection.